Monday, April 29, 2013

The Bottom Line in Adult Learning

Our class has explored the characteristics of adult learning using Malcolm Knowle's six attributes. They are the following: 1. Need to Know, 2. Self- Concept, 3. Experience, 4. Readiness to Learn, 5. Orientation to Learn and 6. Motivation to Learn.

When I look at the accumulated attributes, I think they can be summed up by looking at the multitude of Dummies books. This is the link to the website: Dummies Books. I like the analogy the books make to adult learning because each book focuses on exactly what the learner wants and needs to know about each subject. Within each book, there are specific chapters that explain portions of the subject needed. There is not a lot of extraneous material. to dig through. If you want to know the basics of a subject, you can get that by reading a book. Below is an image of the types of books the company offers.

The company has targeted adults with these books because adults need to know what they are learning and  they need to participate in the learning process. They also are motivated internally and they use the experience and knowledge they already have to help them learn. Adults want to learn a specific subject for a specific reason. For example, if they are going on a trip, they may want to learn the language in the country they are visiting. They will use the knowledge in a certain way.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Need to Know and More

This week, the class looked at the "Need to Know" attribute of adult learning.  Need to know is the idea that adults need to know why they are learning something. They need to know how they will learn, what they will learn and what they will gain by learning. This is a brief idea of what Knowles meant by the phrase Need to Know.

 "People become ready to learn something when they experience a need to learn it in order to cope more satisfyingly with real-life tasks and problems. The educator has a responsibility to create conditions and provide tools and procedures for helping learners discover their "needs to know." Learning programs should be organized around life-application categories and sequenced according to the learners' readiness to learn."

Taken from the weblink:

Now it's on to Experience.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Self Concept Attribute

The self-concept of adult education is the same as an individual's self-concept. Self-concept revolves around the person. One can use the pronoun I liberally. I am responsible for how I learn. I will decide what I will learn. I am the person directing the process of my learning. The attribute of self is presented in this wiki.

Each week that we research and present our own version of an attribute expands what we are learning in new directions. I expect self concept to be no different.

This is my concept map of self-concept.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What a Constructivist

This week in working toward our project's completion we have explored a lesson in constructivism. Our group members are learning by doing. I found out how to remove unnecessary html code so that the blog page worked better, I figured out ways to edit after posting and I have gained more confidence in using Blogger, even though I have used it for several semesters. As with all these applications of technology, there is a pretty big learning curve after you figure out the basics. I am sure most members of this class have similar experiences.

We will post our exhibit as a blog page later this afternoon. This is the link.
Adult Learning Project

Please let us know what worked and what didn't with your comments. That's one of the best things about getting feedback, people see with fresh eyes.

Looking forward to all the other projects.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Second Adult Education Class

We have completed our second class in Adult Education and have been assigned a group project. I am working with two classmates who both live a distance away from school and each of us. We have decided to use Google Drive. It was formerly called Google Docs. Google Drive allows everyone on the project to add and edit information that the group will use. The completed product will really be a group effort with contributions from each of us. This online component works out very well when trying to meet together in person is so difficult. 
The project is  about the roots of Pedagogy and how it relates to Andragogy. Pedagogy refers to children and Andragogy refers to adults. While there are similarities, there are many differences when dealing with the teaching of children and adults. 

Literally means the art and science of educating children, pedagogy is often used as a synonym for teaching. Pedagogy embodies teacher-focused education.


Andragogy: Instructional theory by Malcolm S. Knowles dealing with the psychology and special needs of        adult learners.

If you think about it, we move very quickly from childhood to adulthood. How we prefer to learn must change as rapidly as we grow. I have much to learn!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adult Learning

This post is about the first class of Adult Learning.  We held the first class in the F wing in Classroom 210. The class is a mixture of new and old MAIT students. There is a learning curve in the online approach so it is always interesting to see how people learn.

This is a link to my adult learning website from a few semesters ago. We were studying theorists and I was assigned to the group that was to create a lesson based on the principles of adult learning. The website has resources and other materials.

The six principles of Andragogy are in the graphic below.

Since we are working on adult learning, and using the on-line format, I am going to enhance what I am studying with a course taught in Coursera. The course is taught by a teacher at Georgia Tech, Fatimah Wirth and is a free six week online course, Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application.

This is the link to the Coursera website:

There are a number of courses that work well with the MAIT program.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Today is our last class

 Since today is our last class I thought I would include some thoughts about things other than technology  and education. For one thing, my orchid is back. I only water it about every 10 days and hadn't noticed that it was about to bloom. I really can't take credit for such a lovely event.

This has been the warmest winter and March that I can remember. My daffodils already came out and have started to die off. All of my trees have budded. And I don't think any of the Chinese stinkbugs died off... We should be innundated with them by May. Oh, and I bought a new bird feeder for my backyard. I am using some new food and there are birds out here that I have never seen before.  While I enjoy what technology brings to us in terms of accessibility, portability, information,etc., I still like to take time to enjoy things the old-fashioned way. Take time to smell the flowers.

Now for the school and technology part. I have completed my personal learning theory paper and submitted it. Hooray!! It's good to get it done. I am still completing some of my work for the theory class. I will somehow get everything done in a few days. I will also post the adult learning theory quiz results with the correct answers in the discussion area for anyone who is interested. I am still working on the Google sites portfolio. It takes me a while to find what I like. I have looked at others and it leaves me feeling inadequate. I don't feel I have that artistic side, but I am organized.

Thanks to all who have participated in the survey on technology in South Jersey schools. I have had a good response so far and anticipate that more people will take the survey. If you missed it before, this is the link Tech Survey I will send out the results to any one interested on the MAIT page.
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